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By working through these real-life case studies, you're not just learning; you're integrating and internalizing knowledge to  build a solid foundation that will serve you throughout your career and prepare you for the diverse challenges you'll face in practice.


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🐎 Case scenarios

1. Forelimb lameness associated with caudal cervical or cranial thoracic pain

2. Lameness associated with increase digital pulse amplitudes

3. Foot pain without increased digital pulse amplitudes

4. The swollen hock

5. The swollen fetlock

6. Distension of the digital flexor tendon sheath

7. Back pain: primary or secondary? How do we differentiate and if primary, how do we determine the cause?


🐎 Rider based complaints

1. The horse which bucks

2. The horse which rears

3. The horse that won't canter on the rein in one direction

4. The horse that is difficult to turn to one direction

5. The horse that always lands on the incorrect foreleg when jumping

6. The horse that has started to stumble

7. The horse that has lost hindlimb power



🐎Questions after diagnosis

1. Biological preparations and tendon/ligament injuries. Is there any evidence that biological preparations accelerate healing or reduce the risk of reinjury of tendon and ligament injuries?

2. Are there any effective treatments for navicular disease? Are oral nutraceuticals of any benefit in the prevention or management of osteoarthritis?

3. Is there a place for barefoot trimming?

4. Oral nutraceuticals and osteoarthritis

5. Radial pressure wave and extracorporeal shockwave therapy

6. What is the best treatment for osteoarthritis

7. Should a mare that is lame be used for breeding?

8. Does laser treatment improve return to function after tendon or ligament injury?


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What People Are Saying:

The Equine Lameness Program is an invaluable resource for both new graduate equine vets and experienced practitioners. Utilising the unique knowledge and years of experience that Sue Dyson brings, equine lameness is presented from the ground roots of the clinical examination all the way through to more comprehensive and detailed case studies. Dr Dyson presents the information in an easy to understand way with lots of video footage which makes it much easier to apply practically! A great asset to a practice or individual looking to up-skill!

Dr. Marnie Treseder BVSc MANZCVS

Sue Dyson’s texts had been a fountain of knowledge over the years and I had been looking for an opportunity to bring it all together. The programme has certainly achieved this for me. My aim was to review my own approach to lameness examination and review the revolutionary techniques in imaging which have become available over the past 20 years. I have not been disappointed...I look forward to future modules covering other horse sports, which as general practitioners we are confronted with from time to time.

Dr David Parry-Okeden, BVSc

This course provides significant quality information, at the ease of your own pace. Regardless of the stage of your career, Dr. Dyson provides gems of advice, and great expertise in all things lameness. I am currently working through this course and highly recommend it

Dr Libby Cooper B.V.SC/B.V.Bio MANZCVS